Thursday, April 3, 2014

Matt King from Canberra in training

I hope your training is going well

Im really looking forward to the tour and catching up with various  people and spending a decent amount of time with you all  
My training has gone ok. I’ve done around 1000km since being allowed back on the bike in Jan and I have  being doing some miles loaded up with most of the gear I will have on the tour. Boy does that slow you down !!!!!    So long as I don’t try to keep up with the youngsters I’m comfortable I have enough in my legs to get to Perth
I’m flying into Perth on the Thursday evening and staying with Mary Ellen and her partner in Cottesloe  till they drop me at the bus on sat morning -----she is flying overseas a few days later so I won’t see her when we get back so I plan to maximise my time with her.
I fly back to Canberra on the tue evening post ride
My father is planning to meet up with us in Albany on the sat, sun and to wave us off

The photos attached are from a overnight ride to Wee Jasper

if you can open these files check out the trip profiles ----the hills where a challenge !!!!!




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  4. One thing the little ride to Wee Jasper showed up was my choice of handlebars was underwhelming
    I had fitted “European touring bars” and they were comfy for an hour or so but then got increasingly un-comfy !!!!!!! Back to my old flat bars that I know I can hang on to for a whole day.
    There is no substitute for a good shake down ride to show up the issues