Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 4 Denmark to Walpole

Some might argue that Denmark is the Cinderella and Walpole the ugly sister along the Great Southern edge. Not quite so.

Cycle friendly coffee shop in Denmark

Nicole Gentz from Germany

Barbara King leading the meditation group at Coalmine Beach Walpole
We lined up for dinner at the Walpole Hotel at night and were the only ones without utes and dogs. I donned my one and only checked shirt for the dining out occasion. A good looking young guy greeted me at the hotel and said 'Gidday Dale, Gidday Margaret, enjoying your bike ride?' For the love of me I couldn't place his face, or for that matter, the rest of his body. Eventually after an hour, I ate humble pie and approached himn and his good looking girlfriend Alison and said,
'OK, I give up, who are you'
'Dale, its me. Damon from MPQ (Mill Point Quartet).
I won't forget him in a hurry next time.


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