Monday, April 21, 2014

Day 2 - Rest Day - Albany

John & Vicki White 
Rest day means everyone does their own thing. For me, that meant ice packs, muscle relaxants and red wine to address my bung knee. Yes, an errant tent peg jumped out of the darkness and tripped me up the night before.

Vancouver Café waitress Kersti
Then it was off for a meander around beautiful downtown Albany and lunch at the folksy Vancouver Café, home to artists and musicians. Our waitress, Kersti, hailed from Estonia ands was on a working holiday with her boyfriend. Chef Hugo was as Italian as Mama Maria's spaghetti bolognaise. Our waitress ordered her own lunch  from Hugo.

'Please I want eggs a little bit poached and a little bit scrambled with mushrooms'.
When her dish was ready Hugo insisted on calling out ding-ding-ding instead of ringing the bell.

Middleton Beach

Down at Middleton Beach families were playing Easter games and frolicking in the cool water. Kids don't feel the cold, only us old ones.

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