Friday, April 11, 2014

Keep Me Clean

Well, I've received my shirt and maps and I'm sort of ready to go. I became a bit concerned about teh massage with my official shirt - the one that said 'Keep me clean for the bonding dinner on the first night'.

I've discovered the ageing process comes with the development of certain personality traits. One that I've noticed is the development of food magnets in my clothing. The moment I put on a clean shirt (especially if its white) and i'm within five metres of any food, particles of food fly through the air and adhere themselves to my shirt.

That said, I'm doing my level best to keep my impressive CTA  short in a pristine state. So when I went fora  swim at South Beach with Miller this morning I wore my rashy and not my CTA shirt which is under lock and key.

1 comment:

  1. maps !!!!! all we need to do is keep the sea to our left and all will be well !!