Sunday, April 27, 2014

Day 6 Shannon River to Pimelea

Ann Wilson & Tony Humphreys
Hilary Beck on last climb into Pimelea
We've left the city behind and are surrounded by the tall timber of the Pemberton forests. If you're riding on your own you can hear birds cheeping in the foliage and see the odd kangaroo hopping and bandicoot scampering. If you stop, you can even hear a leaf that falls.
Tony Humpreys & Ann Wilson at Northcliffe
I found the 'ideal' vantage point to take some shots of riders freewheeling down a steep hill. I chose a  large mound of leaves and bark at the foot of a giant karri tree and set up camp. I was concentrating so much on the riders flashing by I hardly noticed the bull ants biting on my bum. It was next day when I felt the large red whelts on either cheek - a reminder on where to sit in the bush.

Pete Treasure at Pimelea near Pemberton

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