Sunday, May 4, 2014

White Line Fever - Day 9

Beware! One should not sleep on the main road between Nannup and Augusta when the line marking machinery is at work. Matt King was struck down by white line fever on the long haul to Augusta, a wet, windy, blustery day.

Matt King taking a well-earned rest from life in Canberra
In the early days of the CTA Matt was known for a certain amount of 'innovative' riding, particularly riding bikes off the end of jetties into the Swan River. In his more serious moments young Matt was a hearty CTA committee member and an astute bike mechanic at Avocet Cycles in Claremont.

(Matt now resides in Canberra, a keen mountain biker on Mount Stromlo and a year ago participated in the London to Paris bike extravaganza.

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