Sunday, May 4, 2014

Day 12 Prevelly to Dunsborough

Technology has changed a bit over 40 years.

Gone are the Sturmey Archer 3-speeders and panniers made from disused wheat bags. Now we have high tech disc brakes, computers and GPS navigation. Aluminium and carbon-fibre frames have replaced Reynolds 531 steel frames. Tony's new bike has done away with derailleur gears and sports an 18 speed German gearbox. He looks like he's driving a Big Mac truck.

I photographed for the morning and threw my leg over the saddle for the run into Dunsborough. It was all downhill, sunny with a  tail-wind that kept us pumping along at 30KPH. (Plus there was nobody shooting at us).

Marg Neill (centre) meets local ladies  Bobbie Micklejohn (L) and  Kerry King (R) in a Cowaramup coffee shop. (Paul Kelly above)

Just like 40 years ago I scanned the horizon for the three towering pines; a welcome landmark. I felt  like an old horse smelling the home water trough.

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