Sunday, May 4, 2014

Boranup Bunyips

Heading into the Boranup Forest
There was more than average grunting and gasping as Bruce Robinson led his group on the dirt road through the bunyip-infested Boranup Forest.

Christine Liddiard in the Boranup Forest
Dr Tony performing emergency surgery on Kleber
The rewards were a traffic-free two hour ride followed by respite at the Boranup Gallery coffee shop. The Boranup scones had obviously been made with steroids and the jam and cream explosion added  to the fuel burn. There was time for Doctor Tony to extract a  splinter or two from Kleber's fingers using a sharpened stainless steel spoke and a rubber mallet.
Roy Stone disguised as Little Red Riding Hood's Granny

The ride from Hamelin Bay to Prevelly was one of the most peaceful and beautiful rides on tour. Although close to the chardonnay tourist mecca of Margaret River, Prevelly Park is a quiet camping spot and stopping off point for Cape to Cape walkers.

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